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Worker's Compensation

If you have suffered a work related injury, you are entitled to financial compensation. The Workers’ Compensation system was designed to provide benefits to workers when they’ve been injured while on the job. You may not think you need an attorney and that your place of work will take care of you. Unfortunately, problems begin to arise when employers and their insurance companies look after their bottom line over the well-being of the injured employee.

The main interest of most employers and insurance companies is to minimize your damage to protect their assets. They will often delay or undervalue your claim to try to save a buck while you’re left injured, out of work, and unable to earn the wages you need to cover medical costs, make house payments, and take care of your family.

Attorney Michael B. Cohen represents people like you, not the insurance company. He will work tirelessly in pursuit of your benefits. His goal is to help you get paid medical treatment for your injuries and a financial award to get you back on your feet. You need to concentrate on getting well, let him concentrate on the rest.

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