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Criminal Defense

The Law Office of Michael B. Cohen has extensive knowledge in the area of criminal law.  More specifically, he has represented clients charged with summary offenses, misdemeanors and felonies throughout the state of Pennsylvania.  He has also represented clients charged with federal offenses.  

Attorney Cohen represents the client in all aspects of criminal proceedings, from the time the client is charged to completion of the case. A flat fee is charged for these services, depending on services rendered.

Some routine charges which fall under this heading include, but are not limited to:

  • DUI
  • Driving Under Suspension
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Theft/Larceny
  • Assault/Battery
  • All Drug Offenses

Please call with any questions or concerns. It is very important to have representation as soon as you are charged. The attorney will be glad to discuss your problem in detail during a consultation.  

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